Dogrook Project Image

The Initial Tasks

Dogrook has already been a successful brand on Amazon, when we first met.It sold bark collars: nice-looking devices, that vibrated on dog’s neck, when it barked. But there was a problem: there was a lot of similar-looking devices, as this was manufacturer’s standard design. Dogrook needed new face to differ from others and confirm its unique quality.This was a good moment to upgrade brand identity: the new looks won’t look familiar anyway, so risks of rebranding selling rates will be minimized.

Dogrook Tasks

Great discoveries

Our clients saw human-dog relations as a friendship, not rigid hierarchy. That’s why Dogrook became a humane and friendly brand from the start: no shock collars, only sound, vibration and kind training.A humane kind-hearted brand among bark collars! Sounds great, especially if you looked at amazon’s “bark collar” search results, where most devices promised efficiency (in silencing your dog), but didn’t really concerned (or didn’t emphasized that) about safety for a pet.We also discovered the desire of our clients to be involved, to consult us whenever we needed and to make decisions about the looks of the brand they are building. We felt their love for dogs and ambition to make relations with the dog a shire happiness.

The first approach

We started to make the sketches and reached the obvious line of associations quickly: love, heart, pleased dog’s muzzle, the form of dog’s nose. As there was a connection between pets and their owners, we thought of a line, that would curl around them and symbolized the relationship.

But... This turned out to be a fail. After we showed the results to our clients, the verdict was clear: this looks more like a vet branding. So we made the second approach.

Dogrook Banners

The second approach

Now we needed something not so obvious, but still friendly, delicate, and more tech-looking.We tried many round-based logos, as round shape is a great provider of friendly attitude and guarantee from harm. Still, there was no result we liked.

So we addressed the word Dogrook itself. It has 5 full circles in it! Looks really rhythmic, when you put them in place and add necessary elements to form letters.And if you take the part dog – you’ll find 3 circles in it, which stand for silence, and clear simple logo.

Dogrook Logo animation

Yes! Looks like a wonderful solution for Dogrook, and easy to use! The only thing left is to persuade our clients.

Dogrook Banners for posts

They were shocked.“3 circles? That’s what you’re coming with?”Well, we understood and asked to think about that for a few days.

“Guys… We approve this idea”

Now what about the bark collar itself?

Ah, yes. After we finished the brandbook, there was another thing to do: new face for a collar, which then will be patented and sign the unique Dogrook product.

Again, like in any pet product, first ideas are simple: change a paw sign to… other paw? Maybe, a nose? Or… a bone? You can’t seriously… wait, a bone? Yes, we made a bone.

It looks a bit like bow-tie, so any dog will look like a serious and clever beloved pet, not a toy.

The brand grows

While working with Dogrook, we helped with packaging of 9 products, designing 18 listings and 20 Amazon store pages.We added 3 additional bright colors to the branding as the number of product grew, and then made hundreds of ads, dozen of instructions for dog owners and a number of website pages.

This is the project we are proud of and we are grateful for every chance to participate in such a wonderful brand story.

Dogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project ImageDogrook Project Image